Join The 52 Week Savings Challenge for 2021

I am sure on everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions list, most have to save money!

Accomplish your goal this year by Joining the 52 Week Challenge.

You put the amount of each week in a savings envelope or savings account.

By the end of the year, you will have saved 1,378.00! Christmas paid for…

Works out to be 26.00 per week if you want to do the same amount each week.

Join by Clicking the link Below:

52 Week Savings Challenge

Want to save even more money? Join the 365 Day Penny Savings Challenge,

You guessed it, you save a the amount of pennies per day that will equal

667.00 by the end of the year and equals out to 13.00 per week.

Click the below link to join:

365 Day Penny Savings Challenge

Happy Savings!

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