August Monthly Earnings

I have been going through a lot for the past several years and since July 2018, I have not been working a regular job due to a shoulder injury from a fall at my job that they would not follow the proper procedures. I have been earning income from different resources that are listed on here. I mainly do mystery shopping and light merchandising assignments.

I thought it would be helpful and encouraging to see that it is possible to earn income from home. My goal is 2,000 a month or 500 a week. I have not quite hit that, but my mom recently passed away in June so recovering from that and trying to get back in the swing of things.

I recently got a new phone, so I have to start with August earnings, but before that I was earning 1,000-1500 mainly mystery shopping. All areas are different as far as how many shops they have. I am in the DFW area and made this easily and I have driving anxiety on major highways, so usually go within thirty miles.


8/05 SASR 350.00
8/18 SASR 427.00
8/25 SASR 160.00
8/1 various 15.00
8/10 Various 80.00
8/12 Various 30.00
8/12 Phone 8.00
8/18 Storage 15.00
8/19 Retail 20.00
8/25 Grocery 56.00
8/25 Oil change 50.00
8/26 Bank 80.00
8/26 Storage 15.00
8/26 Retail 18.00
8/27 Retail 40.00
8/27 Apartment 30.00

Total 1394.00

The sources I used to generate this income are:

SASR which is a self assigning merchandising company, so this one is outside the home. Please use Tina Klein as a referral.



Gig Spot

Maritz CX

Trend Source

I got pretty close this month.

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