Start A Blog


Ever wanted to start a blog to share knowledge on a subject that you are very passionate about that you think others could benefit from but don’t know where to start? Starting a blog can be confusing, but with a little knowledge of how to get started, you can get one running in a few days. I will include a few blogging courses to help get you started (everyone learns differently, but by reading this page, I will provide easy to follow steps also)

Step 1:  is to decide what subject you want to write a blog about, The possibilities are endless! There are lots of mommy blogs such as homeschooling, everyday life with a toddler. baby, three kids, etc. Maybe you have a struggle you have overcome or live with on a daily basis such as anxiety and want to share tips on what works for you or have others share their story. Many write about finances, couponing, saving money. Hobbies such as golf, fishing, cooking, recipes, and so much more!

Step 2: Think of a name for your blog that will get the reader’s attention! This one is called Work At Home Power, because I feel working at home gives us more power over our everyday lives instead of revolving our schedules around work.

Step 3: Do you want to start with a free website or host it with your very own domain name? The best way, of course, is to host it with your own domain name, but there is nothing wrong with starting with a free blog site to test the waters and get your domain name and hosting at a later time.

Free hosted websites options:

WordPress: This would be the easiest to start a free blog and then transfer it into a hosted blog with your own domain name etc as many sites use this to create their with as many hosting companies include this as one of their options to help create your website. This website was created with Word Press, they have many themes and options to choose from to help create a website that has your personal touch.

Blogger: I created my first site with this one, very simple to use and share with others to get your feet wet in becoming a blogger.


Still not sure where to start? Here are some free blog resources for you: to choose from:


Profitable Blogging Roadmap:  By Tracie Forbes, I took the course and knew all of it since I have been blogging for a while but I recommend for those that are new to blogging as she breaks it down and you can do the course online from her website and finish at your own pace.

Love and Paper Flowers: How to Start A Money Making Blog-Free 7 Day Email CourseWhy learn how to “Start a Blog” when you can learn how to “Start a Money Making Blog”. I also took this course and learned a few things that will help me make my current blog better.

E-Marketing Institute: They offer different blogging courses that range from beginner to difficult and a variety of topics including blogging, marketing, and search engine optimization that give you a certificate for passing the courses. I will definitely be taking some of these since I need some of the more advanced classes to continue learning.

Start A Mom Blog: She offers free courses and paid to launch a mom blog and start earning your way to 9,000 a month. I need this and signed up 🙂

Free Blogging Course: Learn how to build a perfect blog post, learn how to drive tons of traffic to your site, and most important how to make money with your blog

Now that you have done some research and learning about getting a blog started, you are ready to get your own domain name and hosting. Below are some of the top hosting companies at affordable prices that offer you to register a domain name so you can do everything in one place hassle-free I personally use Dreamhost because I like their support and I can host multiple websites in one place. But below are other resources to check out to choose which one you like best. Take a look at these great prices, they are not scary at all. Some even offer a free domain name for the first year to use their services:

I hope this information helps get you started on your journey to blogging. I will add resources that I find useful to this page from time to time. Please feel free to share your blog below especially if this page inspired you to start one!

Happy Blogging!