Trying Color Street As A Side Hustle

Hi Everyone,


So I am sharing my first side hustle that I have put money in and will share how what I spend and what I earn. I joined Color Street because a lot of people love going to get their nails done at the salon and due to Covid 19,  some may not be able to go due to health or financial reasons. Color Street provides professional nails for only 10-13.00 a set. (It get’s better, most people are able to get two uses per set)

Color Street is real nail polish and can last two weeks! I haven’t done my nails in years and love them. I could not stop staring at them, they were so pretty!

So Here is the breakdown of what I have spent so far:

Kit with tax:


361.00 in products I stocked up on

Total= 516.00

I joined Septemeber 17th and have recieved two payments from Color Street:

  1. 25.00
  2. 55.00

Total 80.00

516-80= 416.00


I am confident I will make my money back on what I spent.

As I make sales, I will update this post 🙂

Currently, we have the fall and halloween line out and have many designs and colors to choose from.

Check out all of the current selections and pick your favorites today.

Tina’s Tricked Out Nails


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